Enchanted Forest Press is a boutique publisher providing a complete range of publishing services, from concept to marketing. We work with you to develop a custom program optimized for your specific needs and designed to deliver a professional product that best displays your work in your style and voice. Along the way, you work directly with our professional editors, designers, and project managers. Whether you need simple editing and printing services, or more advanced writing, development and design support, we can design a unique package of services for you. 

  • EDITING:  Collaborate with an editor to conduct a thorough review of the manuscript, a review of the content and consistency of language style, and adjusting grammar, spelling, and punctuation. The editing service is adjusted to match your specific needs.
  • COVER DESIGN:  Work with a designer to develop a complete custom cover, front and back, including images, layout, and back cover text.
  • LAYOUT:  A layout designer optimizes the interior style, fonts, and graphics elements to highlight your style and subject matter. Layout services range from simple text-only books, to graphics-rich publications requiring photographs or diagrams on every page.
  • REGISTRATION:  We will acquire all ISBN, LOC, and Copyright registrations as may be appropriate.
  • PRINTING:  We work with professional printers to produce your book at the optimum quality value for your investment.
  • MARKETING:  We upload your finished work for distribution to the major e-book formats and distribution through channels you select including your own online store. Get a professional book trailer to help bring your book to life to support your promotional efforts – see our Book Trailers .
  • BOOK WRITING:  If you have a basic manuscript but do not have the time or inclination to write it, work with our professional writers who are award-winning authors. Writing services can include everything from basic developmental assistance to advanced editing and ghost writing of your complete book.
  • SCREENPLAY WRITING:  Convert your story into a compelling screenplay that is WGA compliant, copyrighted, and ready for your Hollywood agent. Our screenplay writers have experience ranging from children’s animation to full-length dramatic screenplays.

How much will it cost? Honestly, the answer is: it depends, and that truly is the best answer for you. We adapt our services to what you need, instead of charging you for things you don’t need. We want to ensure the best quality and satisfaction with our service. The size and complexity of your book, and the actual services you require will cause your price to vary. Once we have reviewed your manuscript and discussed your objectives with you, we will develop a competitively priced custom program of services. Ready to get started? Contact us now...

Good ideas stay with you until you eventually write the story.
— Brian Keene