Writing Through the Chaos

Frustration can drive you crazy, if you let it. In addition to producing quality work, captivating stories and factual accounts in the greatest of detail, you must dedicate as much time and energy to feeding your network with brief but equally captivating messages. As if the challenge of being a successful writer were not enough, along comes the din of the holiday season.

Your Purpose for Writing

There are many different reasons that authors write. Some have a need to share knowledge they have gained over a lifetime; others find the writing a good escape from an otherwise mundane world. Some writers choose writing as a form of expression to reveal some truth about the world, about themselves or about a common societal belief.

The Holiday Season is Coming

The Winter Holiday season often means people with regular jobs get time off from work. If that includes you, then this is a good time to dedicate some effort for writing. If you have a family, this can be challenging if they decide this is the time for you to entertain them. Time with family is important, but you need to establish a balance between them and your writing time. This takes organization and discipline.

Ideas for Taming the Perfectionist

If you find yourself stuck in your writing by searching for the perfect idea, phrase, descriptive language, action sequence or grammatically correct prose, you may be a perfectionist. Producing high quality text that engages and enthralls the reader should be the goal of every writer. Perfectionists must learn to manage the balance between getting a work to market and making it perfect.

Writing to Sell Your Book

Writing a book is challenging and you may have devoted much time and effort to mastering your writing craft and the knowledge of your genre and subject matter. When your book is completed and finally published, the real work begins. Writing good sales copy will make a significant difference in your ability to sell the book to interested readers.

Writing to Capture the Imagination

A well-written story sparks the imaginations of readers. As they read, they see pictures and may even insert themselves into a visual moving world as the story unfolds. They become less aware of the words on the page, the grammar, or the long descriptions to set up scenes as the words guide their imaginations through the experiences of the characters in the journey.

Ideas For Better Writing Habits

Writers face many obstacles in bringing their creativity to the world. Many of these self-crated obstacles are habits borne out of excuses created by specific and familiar challenges. Whether searching for a breeze in the creative doldrums, or being distracted by irrelevant activities, a few good habits will keep successful writers focused and productive. Self-discipline, and not self-indulgence, is the key to unlocking productivity.

Ideas for Writing a Business Book

Business books serve a specific purpose that must be clarified before the writing begins. A business book can be a helpful aid in marketing a business by illustrating the expertise and potential benefits to customers. Some business books are written as “How to” guides designed to help other business leaders to implement best-in-class processes or systems. Many of the more famous business books tend to be based on a unique perspective about some aspect of business or leadership. Yet another group of books is the business memoir, the story of a business or business leader as he/she rose climbed the ladder to success.