There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
— Maya Angelou

You have a message that is enlightening, uplifting and triumphant. We help you capture your message in your unique style and present it brilliantly so you can set it free to touch hearts and change lives.

What We Do

We are a boutique publisher that publishes works of the highest integrity that serve to inform, enlighten, and entertain readers.  We provide a complete range of publishing services, from concept to marketing. We work with you to develop a custom program optimized for your specific needs and designed to deliver a professional product that best displays your work in your style and voice. Along the way, you work directly with our professional editors, designers, and project managers. Whether you need simple editing and printing services, or more advanced writing, development and design support, we can design a unique package of services for you. 



Dawn M. Bain, Founder, Chief BrightSpark

I believe there is a diamond in the passions of every dream, story, or message. My passion is to find that diamond, shape it and polish it so it can brilliantly shine for the world to see. After working with children for decades, I have written and published children’s books and music, and I formed Enchanted Forest Press in 2008 to expand my creative reach to include all publishing forms and subjects. (Yes, that is an actual diamond I am holding, when I visited South Africa.)